about us

Personal Info

We are Kris and Lauren Dossey (father and daughter) of Fort Worth, Texas.  We've been raising chickens since 2004 and competitive chickens since 2014.  When my daughter started getting involved in 4H we were introduced to the show world and although we've raised some other show animals, we quickly dedicated ourselves to the chickens.  We now attend several shows a year.  Lauren is now a Senior at Oklahoma State University where she's majoring in Ag Communications.  She doesn't get to as many shows as before, and we aren't in the Juniors anymore, but the birds continue on.   We'll be posting show results as we go too.  This has really come to be a way to record our history with the birds and the trips.  

Our Flock

For several years we raised only large fowl Ameraucana in three varities: Wheaten, Blue Wheaten, and Black.  When we began looking for show quality birds we found Paul Smith.  Paul is a very well known and respected breeder of Ameraucana.  I've never met anyone with show quality Ameraucanas that doesn't know who he is.  Most people have at some time purchased birds from him, many like us, to start their flock.  In 2022 we picked up some New Hampshire Bantams.  It was a good idea to get into something else.  It makes showing a lot more fun when you have more places to enter and possibly win.  In 2023 we picked up a pair of Ko Shamos, so we'll see how they do going into 2024.  

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